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10 Action-packed Entertainment Options To Make Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party A Success!

Kids wait all year to celebrate their birthday and as a parent it can be a pretty daunting experience to organise an event that is both memorable and special for your little one. A big part of every birthday party is the entertainment, and with one of these action-packed entertainment options your kid is sure to not only have the best day ever, but you’ll be rewarded with the simple gift of your child’s happiness.


1.    Petting Farms / Wildlife Displays

(Image: azootoyou)
Petting farms and wildlife displays are popular options as kids simply adore animals. They’ll be left in the capable hands of a trained handler who will give them the chance to get up close and personal, keeping them entertained for hours. 
We recommend: Bounty's Bush Farm


2.    Jumping Castles

(Image: Ride N Slides)
Jumping castles never go out of fashion and are still as much fun as they were when you were a young kid. Modern designs also incorporate a number of exciting and kid-friendly obstacles, slides, and designs to suit your budget, theme, and preferences. 
We recommend: Bubbling With Energy


3.    Themed Party Hosts

(Image: Fly By Fun)
From a clown, to a fairy, a magician, pirate, or even a favourite character such as SpiderMan or Snow White, themed party hosts are a great way to inject some fun, imagination, and charm. Just imagine the surprise on your child’s face when their favourite character or hero visits them on their big day!
We recommend: StarDust Kids or Fly By Fun


4.    Pottery Arts & Crafts

(Image: Glaze It)
If your child is a bit of a creative butterfly, then why not add some pottery-filled fun to their birthday? Kids will be able to decorate ready-to-paint ceramic pieces into beautiful and usable pottery that they’ll be able to use and cherish forever.
We recommend: Glaze It Studio


5.    Face painting

(Image: Nat's Fancy Faces)
It’s become a classic feature at every kid’s birthday party, and why not? Face painting is great for all ages, and will provide the perfect opportunity to snap some adorable Kodak moments. If you have a theme, this is also an ideal way to have the kids get into character through some creative designs.
We recommend: Nat's Fancy Faces


6.    Temporary Tattoos

(Image: Amanda Troyer Photography)
For a contemporary spin on face painting, why not indulge your kid’s wild side through temporary tattoos? With hundreds of designs and packages, the kids will have a ball getting ‘inked’ by their very own ‘tattoo artist’. Be warned though, this may increase levels of cheeky behaviour from these badass kiddies! 
We recommend: Bubbling With Energy


7.    Pony rides

(Image: Ponies For Parties)
I think it’s safe to say that it’s every little boy’s and girl’s dream to ride their own pony…or maybe that was just mine? Regardless of that, pony rides are a beloved feature for children who will be delighted at the opportunity to dine, pat, and take photos with these gorgeous animals.
We recommend: Ponies For Parties


8.    Golf games

(Image: Lighthouse Cove)
If your little one is gearing up to become the next sports star, then golf games will provide a fantastic, active twist on traditional birthday activities. There’s even a variety of games to choose from.
We recommend: Bubbling With Energy 


9.    Giant Inflatable Twister

(Image: Party Pros Rental)
Everyone loves a game of Twister, but what about playing Twister on a giant, inflatable mattress? This is perfect for backyard parties and you can bet that everyone (including the parents!) will want a turn playing on this entertaining variation to a classic game.
We recommend: Bubbling With Energy


10.    Puppet Theatre Shows

(Image: Kiddywinks Puppet Theatre)
Puppetry is such a creative and fun way of injecting some laughs and comedy into your kid’s birthday plans. The special birthday boy or girl will even be able to take part in the show, making them feel extra special on their important day. After the show, the kids will be even be able to make their own puppets which they’ll be able to take home and proudly display.
We recommend: Kiddywinks Puppet Theatre 



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