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10 Catering Trends for Business Events in 2015

In a world of competition where business and brand names are at stake, many catering companies are taking their ingenuity to new heights which in turn has lead to more innovative ways of catering business events. Here are our 10 catering trends to use that we believe will help make people remember your event.

#1 Street Foods
Street foods are one of the hottest trends in business events today enticing guests to have a taste of the world while adding extra flavour to your event. The most common ones include churros, tapas, rolls and many other dishes from the likes of Spain, Mexico, Vietnam and Morocco.

photo: Rolls Vietnam

#2 Dim Sum and Dumplings
Dim sum is now making its way into the business world. These can be rolled out in cocktail party carts or served to each table for guests to pick and choose what they'd like. Pair them with sake shots to really add uniqueness to the event!

photo: chandramarson

#3 Doughnut Bar
There seems to be a new craze over doughnuts. Either way, the idea of a donut bar (or even a cronut bar) is genius. Serve up retro flavours like cream and jelly filled donuts, or get fancy and choose varieties like white chocolate and almond or coconut and mango donuts.

photo: huffingtonpost

#4 Mini Foods
Mini foods are definitely the topping the catering trends for stand-around parties. These miniaturised foods served in small portions are quickly becoming a must on most catering menus. Make them available during cocktail hour when your guests want to mingle but you also want to feed your guests.

photo: One Pot Catering

#5 Chocolate Fountains
Being a chocoholic, I believe chocolate fountains are never out of place at any event! It’s a fun addition to a corporate function and can really spice it up. Go with a white chocolate or a very dark chocolate. The usual dippers for chocolate fondue are fruits, marshmallows and cinnamon twists.

photo: Micheal J

#6 Blend of Cultures
With many people becoming daring and adventurous with their taste buds, many caterers are creating new experiences for guests at business events by mixing cultures. These combinations can be a mix of Mexican, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese foods amongst many others. An example for this is a Quesadilla paired with Kimchi and Bolgogi.

photo: picjumbo

#7 Mix and Match Beverage Bars
Set up a beverage bar where guests can create their own exotic drinks with unexpected offerings like ice-cubes infused with ingredients like lemongrass, and even loose-leaf tea bars where guests can mix and match their favourite leaves for the perfect blend.

photo: Peter Callaghan

#8 Craft Beer
The latest beverage obsession at business events is craft beer with most caterers saying they are the biggest hit with guests. Local craft distilled spirits are also gaining popularity, as are handcrafted cocktails and even craft sodas.

photo: The Crafty Pint

#9 Strolling Chef Stations
Instead of the usual passed appetizers on trays, the idea here is that chefs walk around the room preparing food to order for your guests. One idea is to have a raw bar with a chef shucking oysters or rolling around to each table and preparing sushi right in front of your guests.

photo: Kristen Marie Photography

#10 Breakfast Foods
Breakfast foods can be re-made and styled to look like they belong to any type of business event. Ask your caterer for ideas, but a few to get you started include bacon and fried egg cupcakes at cocktail hour, mini French toasts, or even blueberry pancakes.

photo: Tim Reckman

If you'd like my team to connect you with caterers who can put together something special for your event, send us an email at hello@eventmojo.com.au. 

And last but not least, if you have any other catering trends that you think will be big in business events this year, please share them in the comments below!

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