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4 Fun Ideas for Celebrating the End of Financial Year in Sydney

So you’ve been quite busy over the last few months and have just realised that you haven’t yet organised anything to celebrate the end of financial year! 

To makes things easier for you, EventMojo have done some research and have got a few awesome ideas to help you plan a great event.

Now a lot of businesses tend to go to a restaurant for lunch or dinner, but to really get the team refreshed and rejuvenated for the new financial year, we think an exciting team activity is the way to go. 

Finding an activity that suits everyone can be quite challenging as you need to consider everyone’s ages, interests and health circumstances. So check out our favourite four ideas and find something your team will enjoy!

#Idea 1: You are the MasterChef!

The great thing about food-based activities is that you can eat you creations afterwards! Get creative with a team cooking classes where you don the chef hats and aprons, cooking up things such as risotto, oysters, and beef fillets. Or what about a sushi class where you get into teams to create your own signature sushi dish.

Then there’s my favourite - My Pizza Rules, where teams earn ingredients through a series of food challenges and then judged on their bruschetta and wood fire pizza creation!  

#Idea 2: Bass, Beats and Picasso!

Everyone has an inner creative side to them, even if it has been dormant since childhood - why not bring them out with some painting or drumming? Check out Pinnacle Team Events and Be Challenged who both provide activities for each. With painting, your team can discover the tricks of Leonardo, Picasso and Van Gogh, working together to create artworks that can be then hung on the office wall. For something that is more energetic, then drumming is the way to go. Your team is taught the basics of samba beats and breaks as they stamp, beat, shake and drum in rhythm with their colleagues. 

#Idea 3: Bruce Lee vs Jeremy Clarkson!

If your colleagues are the type to hit the gym during their lunch break, maybe something sporty is the way to go. Martial arts is a great way to reinforce concepts of trust, respect, honesty and awareness of others amongst the team. For Bruce Lee fans like me, check out Kinetic Martial Arts’ Team Building program. 

If there are a lot of Top Gear fans in the office, then you must check out some of the off-road adventures that Red Balloon offer. Off-road driving will get the team working together to complete a series of fun obstacle courses. 

#Idea 4: Sex and the City

Maybe like Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, your team prefers to unwind with a glass of shiraz or a cosmopolitan. For wine tasting, check out Pinnacle Event’s “Grape To Glass Program” where your team can learn to create their own winning blend and design their own wine label. If cocktails get you more excited, then check out the “Cocktails and Dreams” program from Be Challenged where you can make your own cocktails. Your team will learn the basic principles of mixology and work together to create their own signature cocktails using the techniques and secrets learnt!

So now that you have heard our exciting ideas, get your team together and start planning!

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