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5 Tips To Choosing The Right Wedding Suit

Grooms, we know that dressing up for your wedding day isn’t as easy as most people say it is. You aren’t shopping for just any suit - this is your wedding suit! After all, you and your wedding party will be looked at nostalgically in photos for years to come. Choosing the right suit for your wedding day is a combination of individual taste, and finding the right style and fabric. Here are our 5 tips to help you find the right wedding suit. 

#1: It should look different from your work suit
Grooms tend to do something bit more fun with their wedding suits. You should look like you’re getting married, not giving a PowerPoint presentation. It’s okay to go for a style of suit is different to what you are used to. Examples include a one-button suit, angled pockets and peak lapels. 

Image: Lucy Love Photography

#2: Get fitted!
The best advice that we can give regarding your wedding suit is spend some money on tailoring. Even a cheaper suit that’s impeccably cut can look great. However, the same can’t be said for an expensive, ill-fitting suit. 

Also, to avoid any embarrassing incidents, make sure you try on your wedding suit a month before the wedding to make sure everything still fits. 

Image: Christina’s Adventure’s

#3: Dress for your shape
Every groom wants to look stylish on his wedding day, but it’s important to choose a wedding suit that has the style and colour that suits you. Keep in mind your body shape and height. We’ve found that a single-breasted jacket is best for shorter grooms, as a double-breasted jacket will make you appear smaller. While for wider men, a lower-buttoning jacket is more flattering as it elongates your body shape. 

Navy Suit
Image: Rock My Wedding

#4: Consider comfort
These days, there are plenty of suit and accessories options available for every budget, so there’s no need to buy a shirt that is painfully tight on the neck or shoes that will give you blisters and make your day uncomfortable. We strongly recommend taking the time to try on a range of different wedding suit options before you decide. 

Grey Suit
Image: Love My Dress

#5: Fabric dictates form
Tailoring can only go so far in getting the shape right. Without the right fabric, it’s tough to get a wedding suit that will sit well. A light fabric will leave you looking slouchy and shapeless, while a heavier wool will do just the opposite and look very sharp. 

Vintage Wedding Suit
Image: Rock My Wedding

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