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5 Unconventional Vintage Wedding Cars You Need to Consider

Everyone has their opinion when it comes to wedding transport, and, let’s face it, most are very black and of the stretched limo variety. We at Eventmojo think that this aspect of the wedding is something you can have a lot of fun with, considering it makes the grand entrance statement and is the first thing the bride and groom experience on their way to the venue. 

Excalibur Stretch Lincoln Limousine

Ok, we know we just bagged stretch Limos, but we thought we’d ease you in with some familiar territory. It’s not completely conventional, considering the amazing detail of the bonnet and the strobe light, fibre optic lighting and surround sound set up. It combines the classic with all the modern features, and with 10-person capacity, why not take your bridal party to your wedding in style. 
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Jaguar Mark7 Two Tone

Probably the car with the most charm on our list, this little glamorous touch to your big day won’t go unnoticed. The dual tone car seats up to four people, so perfect for the bride and groom to zoom away in at the end of the celebration. 
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Rolls Royce Cloud
This pure beauty is a reflection of everything glam on your wedding day. That classic Rolls Royce statuette on the bonnet will give exactly the right touch of class to the celebration. Slide inside onto the tan leather and feel all kinds of fancy on the day that matters most. 
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For the couple who are after a more casual and cute statement, why not try the vintage, iconic Kombi van? This car is one you can utilise in your wedding photos, especially if you’re outdoors or are having a beach wedding. Everyone will want a ride in the Kombi van, so get ready to share it around!
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Chevrolet Bel Air

That colour is enough for us! This cute, compact and extremely classic model looks complete with the celebratory wedding ribbon over the bonnet. The Bel Air is complete with fins and vintage tire detail, you’re sure to get any car buffs excited when this baby rolls up outside the church like it’s 1957. 
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So, why not go for something completely different with a vintage car that’ll get you there in style? Tell us which would be your dream wedding car in the comments! 


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