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Getting To Know: Sal Ragonese from Sydney Mustang Wedding Cars

Sal Ragonese from Sydney Mustang Wedding Cars tells EventMojo’s Sanjay Sundarjee about how he got into hiring out cars for weddings, crazy requests from clients and his favourite car.


Tell us a bit about how you got into hiring out cars for weddings. 
We’ve always been classic car collectors, especially American muscle cars, and basically fell in love with Mustangs at a young age. We started collecting a couple of cars and it’s turned into one after another. And what better way to get them out on the road than to supply them for somebody’s special day – otherwise they’d sit in a garage all the time! 


What is it about Mustangs that makes them special and standout at weddings?
Mustangs aren’t your everyday cars. You don’t see them driving down the road everyday of the week and people don’t typically use them to go to work in. They really are a collector’s item. 

What has been your most memorable wedding you have worked on and why?
We did a really big wedding a while back with about eight or nine cars. I remember we were driving through the city, there’s two lanes and we had 4 cars in each lane. The amount of looks from pedestrians was absolutely incredible! It just looked like the biggest convoy anyone had ever seen with so many unique cars driving past at the same time. You have all your honks and beeps, and people saying congratulations – everyone is your best friend when you are getting married!


What is the craziest request that you’ve had when planning a wedding?
We’ve had lots and lots of burnout requests but the craziest would have to be the people who have wanted to put their pets in the car. We had a lady getting married who had 3 dogs and she wanted to bring them in the car with her because they were like her kids. The biggest worry isn’t that they’ll mess the car, but if something goes wrong such as the dog jumps out of the car. In that kind of situation we’d be technically liable. 


What’s your favourite car and why?
My favourite car to look at is the Shelby because it has this toughness about it. When you drive down the road people will already be looking because they will hear it before they even see it. But we’ve got a classic 1964, which is probably my favourite car to drive. It’s like driving a brand new car and sitting in an old one at the same time.

Do you have any tips for those looking at hiring a car for their wedding?
I personally believe that you should pick something that when you are looking at your wedding videos in 20 years time, you have a car that looks like a classic or vintage car instead of something that looks aged. Also you have to find a reputable company that has all their cars in a well-presented showroom, are credited, somebody that you trust and believe will give you top notch service for your wedding. 

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