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How to Host a NYE Party

So, you want to host a NYE party? As with any event, there is definitely the potential for disaster if you don’t plan ahead, but with this handy little guide there’s nothing to stop you pulling it all off and having a great time by midnight!



Pool Party

Take advantage of the weather and host a pool party! If you have a pool, the rest is super easy. You can have cool set-up, with a bucket of towels and lounge chairs pool-side, with drinks and food set up in a casual way that invites guests to help themselves and get comfortable in the hours leading up to midnight. Buy some inflatable pool toys like lounge chairs, palm tree drink coolers and let your inner child go wild with some really funky toys, like a cool floating banana from Clark Rubber. If you grab a couple you can make a race out of it, which is sure to keep everyone entertained. In line with entertainment for a pool party, grab a ball and buy a net and start a volleyball comp – it’s sure to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone and create some great memories.

Clark Rubber: www.clarkrubber.com.au
Inflatable pool toys: www.thepartypeople.com.au


Hollywood Glamour/Masquerade 

If you’re after something more sophisticated, this idea may be right up your alley. Give every guest a mask as they arrive, and ask him or her to dress their best. Set up the party space in lavish colours, like deep reds and purples. Have a roaming waiter (or someone designated to hand out food and drinks) to make your guests feel special. This idea may be better suited if your guests aren’t that familiar with each other, as the atmosphere and the excitement of anonymity will encourage conversation to span the hours. This is something different and it’s uniqueness is fitting for such an important occasion as ringing in the new year. Tips for this party would be to pop bowls of mints around the room, as there will probably be more than a little kissing at the stroke of midnight. Since your guests have gone to the effort of looking fabulous, have a designated photographer (or do this yourself), so the guests can remember their great night.

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Traditional NYE Party

Gold and Black are traditional NYE colours, so put black tablecloths over everything and cover them with golden confetti to really get your guests into the spirit. Pass around a box of novelty noisemakers when the hour gets near, so your guests will get into the spirit of the occasion. Champagne flutes are a must, but only bring the champagne out around midnight – it’ll make the popping of the cork so much more exciting. Have plenty of food, but stick to canapés – vol-au-vents, pastries, chicken skewers – these are easy to prepare and even easier to eat. If you’re catering for a crowd, source your food from a professional source – it’ll make your hosting gig so much easier and more fun if you’re not running around all night. Get into the spirit and have really obviously NYE themed food and decorations – like cupcakes with NYE iced on them, or NYE themed glasses or hats, available from any party store. 

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General Tips/Ideas


  • Definitely stick to constant waves of small food – you don’t want your guests getting hungry, and a sit down meal is too difficult with a large party

  • If you do have something heavier, have it around 10pm or later, as after drinking for a few hours, your guests will probably welcome this

  • For a touch of decadence, hire a chocolate fountain, or buy a fondue set and prepare fruit and lollies. It will provide the wow factor any party wants, as well as it’s deliciously practical use

  • As well as your supply of champagne, set up a bar in a section of your house and have a selection of spirits and mixers ready, so guests can try their own concoctions of cocktail – it’ll entertain as well as make sure guests are happy with what they’re drinking 

  • Make up a large bowl of punch, and have disposable cups nearby so everyone can drink as much as they please 

  • If you’re on a budget, ask guests to BYO – just make sure you have the cups and room in the fridge! 

  • Noisemakers are popular, no matter the theme. It’ll also make ringing in the new year a memorable occasion 

  • Have the TV on and show the rolling coverage of the NYE celebrations around the country in the background. It really excites people and it allows an obvious and synchronised countdown

  • Board games are always fun and a novelty – games like twister are a big hit when the drinks have been flowing and everyone is having a good time. Highly recommended is Cards Against Humanity (cardsagainsthumanity.com) but any type of drinking games are also a great idea 

  • If it’s within your budget, buy some polaroid cameras and have them scattered around – they are easy to use and create great memories that guests can take home with them

  • New Years Resolutions are also a major part of NYE, and if your guests are up for it, put everyone’s resolutions in a hat and pick them out, getting everyone to guess who’s resolution belongs to who. 

  • It’s hard to please everyone with the perfect soundtrack – the best idea is to have a mix of the biggest pop songs of the year (both the good and the bad) to remember the year that was, and party songs from years past, to create a feeling of nostalgia amongst the guests

  • Alternatively, before the party ask guests to send you their favourite songs and create a special playlist that will allow everyone to enjoy the music. You can make a game of this and get the guests to guess who’s song is who’s, with a prize to the winner or a penalty to the loser 

Most importantly, as the host, you don’t want to be too busy attending to everyone that you can’t enjoy your own party. It’s most important to gather a great group of people that can create the most fun-filled atmosphere and everything else will fall into place. Remember, it’s these people you’re starting a new year with, and it’s supposed to be a massive celebration! 

Happy New Years! 

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