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How To Plan A Great Hen's Night That Won't Break The Bank

The classic hen’s night used to mean a celebration before you take that leap of faith down the aisle. If you’re after a no-fuss hen’s night, why don’t you throw away the traditional night on the town and plan your own at home? If you’re up for the challenge, here are some quick tips to help you out. Let’s face it; it’ll give you some more money to go towards your fabulous wedding!


If you’re after an indulgent, fun girl’s night in, anything with chocolate will do. If you pick up one of those cheap fondue sets from any homeware store, cut up strawberries and pop some marshmallows in bowls, as your guests won’t leave it alone all night! Also go a little reckless with some other junk food. Anything that will remind you of those girly sleepovers you had when you were young. Comfort food is key!  As for drinks, try a big bowl of fruity punch – it’ll be a hit. 

If you’re planning on throwing a classy do with family as well as friends, think vol-au-vents, pastries and a cheeseboard. They are staples, but who can go wrong with that classic formula? Another crucial aspect - don’t forget the cake! Champagne will make this night seem different from the rest, as it should!


You’re trying to create a fun, loved up atmosphere, so cheesy love songs are a must! For something different, try old-fashioned movie soundtracks. Let’s face it, an epic old glamorous Hollywood love story is exactly how you feel before you start your life with someone! Suggestions are any films by Nora Ephron will have an amazing soundtrack to keep the smile on your face as you think about your significant other!

Entertainment and Games

If you’re in party mode, you can either buy or download Cards Against Humanity, maybe one of the funniest and politically incorrect games out there. It’s so much fun for the party with a casual feel. Even change some of the cards to marriage/men related topics to make it feel more like the scandalous hen’s night out of the movies. 

If you’re one that has been aching for a classic ‘Hollywood Hens’, there’s no harm in some adult entertainment. Just make sure everyone in attendance has the same idea as you when booking the service, and make sure you have a clear understanding on both sides as to what you expect. Then, get ready to be entertained! 

For others, the idea of a hen’s night is more a girly pampering session, complete with manicures, pedicures and foot spas. There are so many beauty kits you can buy for the perfect girl’s night in.  Put on some of the classic chick flicks, (let’s face it, anything by John Hughes is going to be a winner). 

If you don’t want an X-rated hen’s night, but want something a little bit special, let the night be your excuse to be adventurous! Belly dancing teachers, tarot card readers to name a couple of services that will come to your house and entertain for a few hours. It’s always something fun for you and your friends to be involved in together, and something you won’t forget! 

Who to contact:
Belly Dance Harem
Indigo Tarot Reading


Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be a hen’s night without some phallic shaped objects – try little cheeky balloons or even a piñata to get everyone in the silly mood. The classic sash on the lucky lady is a must, and the colour scheme is flexible, as long as it’s fun! 

Who to contact:
My Hens Party

Bonus Idea – A Hen’s Weekend Away

If you’d like the idea of a casual hen’s but want something a little bit special, why not book out a holiday house up or down the coast for a weekend? If you and your girlfriends split the cost, there’s no stopping you from having a great weekend away without cutting too much into the wedding fund! 

Where to go: 
Mollymook - NSW
Shoal Bay, Port Stephens - NSW
Potters Brewery, Nulkaba - NSW
Hunter Valley - NSW

Planning a hen’s night on a budget should be easy, and considering it’s the last night with your friends as a single lady, it should be something memorable. Get cracking for a great night!


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