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Organising The Perfect Mother's Day In Sydney

Have you mastered the art of scone making? Figured out how to poach an egg? Time to get onto it… Mother’s Day is only 10 days away!

To make it easy for you to organise the perfect day for your dearest mother, EventMojo have done the research for you.

A gift that she will actually use!

Remember to get her something that she will actually appreciate. DO NOT get her domestic cleaning products or something that you will use more than her! And no stupid gifts. I gave my mum a box of rocks once for Mother’s Day. When you are a kid, it’s cute - as an adult you are just an idiot. Have a good think about the kind of stuff she likes to do. To get ideas, I check out Gifts.com, where you can pick the personality that fits your mum (such as funny, uber, achiever, glam) and then receive recommendations on gifts.

No more lame Mother’s Day cards!

Let’s make this a bit more special and avoid those cards that you pick up from newsagents with very general messages. Create something more personalised and design something yourself, such as an animated e-card from JibJab. If animated cards aren’t your thing, then check out Moonpig where you can create amazing personalised cards for Mother’s Day delivered within two days.


If you aren’t too shabby in the kitchen, then cook something up yourself. In previous years, my sisters have successfully pulled off blueberry & ricotta pancakes, French toast, pumpkin scones and omelettes. Check out Readers Digest for some easy recipes that your mum will love!

If cooking isn’t your forte, than I strongly urge you to stay out of the kitchen – it will only result in burnt toast and your smoke alarm going off. Instead, take your mum to one of Sydney’s great cafes. Check out the blog “You Only Live Once” which has 34 places listed that serve some tasty breakfast in Sydney.

Something a bit fancier!

If you are lucky enough to have more funds to play around with and want to plan something a bit more extravagant, then there are a few exciting options available. P&O have a 3 night Mother’s Day cruise around Sydney, Rydges in Cronulla are holding a seafood buffet lunch especially for Mother's Day, while Vagabond are holding a Mother’s Day Lunch Cruise around Sydney Harbour.

Something more elegant!

High teas are very popular in Sydney these days so you are going to have to get in quick to get a booking! Look into the Museum of Sydney Café in the CBD, Boronia Tea Room in Mosman, or the Victoria Room in Darlinghurst.

Unwind with some relaxation!

Your mum has spent a big part of her life stressing about you – so a bit of pampering and relaxation is well deserved! RedBalloon and Groupon both offer great day spa packages with options such as facials, massages, pedicures, footbaths and wraps.

Tackle some adventure!

If your mum happens to be bit more adventurous, then RedBalloon has got you covered again. Parasailing, horse riding, kayaking, a flying trapeze workshop or even learning how to fly a helicopter, there’s plenty to choose from that will get her adrenaline going!

A dinner to finish the day!

The best way to end such a beautiful day for your mum is a great dinner. It doesn’t need to be overly expensive – pick somewhere with a nice atmosphere that isn’t overly crowded where you can have an actual conversation, and a type of cuisine that is one of her favourites. The best tool that you can use to find the right restaurant is Urbanspoon, which groups restaurants by cuisine and location, and ranks by user reviews.

So, what are you waiting for!? Time to start preparing and pull off that perfect Mother’s Day!

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