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The Ultimate Guide To Planning A Successful Buck's Night

What began as a civilised gentlemen’s evening of drawing-room drinking, smoking, and toasting to the bride’s health, has turned into something else entirely. Debauched nights out, The Hangover-esque shenanigans, and a standard dress of horse heads, and Borat mankinis, are fast becoming a clichéd feature of modern buck nights, but they aren’t always the best idea.  In fact, it is far better to plan something unique, memorable, and tailored to things that the groom actually enjoys. As best man you are responsible for the groom, and while a wild night out may seem like fun, a weekend of entertaining activities may be more memorable in the long run.
But, where do you start?


Typically a buck’s night will involve inviting an all-male cast of trouble makers including the groom’s male relatives, co-workers, old childhood friends, school pals, and other close mates. Before sending out the invites you may need to run it past the groom to avoid any awkward encounters, or unwanted guests.
Invites should also typically be sent at least three weeks before the event giving invitees plenty of notice about the details, the proposed location, estimated costs, and time to RSVP.


The last thing the groom needs on his big day is a raging hangover so schedule the event up to a month before the wedding, or at the very least a week in advance, and preferably on the weekend. This will ensure that the maximum number of people will be able to attend, and you won’t get in trouble with his missus.

Image: The Hangover

The best way to think up of fun, creative, and memorable ideas for your mate’s buck’s night is to consider what he is expecting, and what you can do to surprise him. A bit of embarrassment, and pushing him out of his comfort zone is fine, but you do need to ensure he gets back home to his bride in one piece.

So, consider what type of buck he is. Is he:

Combine all your favourite outdoor activities like fishing, surfing, and camping, and make a weekend out of it. Hit the great outdoors with the guys and consider the rule of ‘no girls, no phones, and no responsibilities’.

Image: WA Fishing Charters

Try something out of everyone’s comfort zones such as hang gliding, white-water rafting, skydiving, scuba-diving, or even outdoor rock climbing. It will surely be a memorable experience!

If sports is where his head is at, why not try surfing lessons, skiing, a day of golf, race-car driving, clay target shooting, or paintball? It will put everyone in a competitive spirit, and encourage some healthy rivalry between the groom and his best man.

Play host to some of Sydney’s oldest and most charismatic pubs and bars by creating a buck’s themed pub-crawl, scavenger hunt, or tour. What better way to enjoy the best of Sydney’s culture, and fine wines.

All of these activities could be done during the day, and be followed by a night full of bucks party pranks and challenges out on the town.

Altogether, it is up to you on how you want to structure your friend’s buck’s night. Factors such as budget, the number of people, as well as the groom’s preferences need to be considered. But most of all you want to plan an unforgettable night to celebrate the groom’s last night of freedom before heading off into the world of marriage, and responsibilities.

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