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Wedding Cake Ideas: 7 Cake Trends We Love

Looking for wedding cake ideas? Brides these days are spoilt for choice with new trends emerging continuously. We’ve rounded up our top 7 cake trends to help inspire you for your wedding day.


Hand Painted Floral & Water Colour Cakes
Your wedding cake has now become a canvas, with meticulously hand-painted intricate blossoms and watercolours on wedding cakes one of the biggest upcoming trends. Hand painting always looks impressive and will give your cake the “How did they do that?’ factor.

Hand Painted Floral Wedding Cake
Image: Cake Ink


Textured Buttercream Cake
Brides are starting to head back towards traditional buttercream after years of fondant covered cakes. You can pick from a variety of buttercream textures, including swoops, rosettes and petals. And the best thing about a buttercream cake is that it tastes as good as it looks.
Textured Butter Cream Cake
Image: Erica O’Brien Cake Design


The Naked Cake
The biggest trend for wedding cakes lately has been naked and rustic cakes. This style allows flavour combinations that may not be possible with fondant cakes, such as soft fillings and cream cheese. The cake is then topped off with decorations such as fresh flowers or fruit.
Naked Wedding Cake
Image: The Cake and I


Type On Cake
To make your cake sweeter and more romantic, inscribe your wedding cake with a personal message. This could be a quote, poem or an excerpt from your vows.
Type On Wedding Cake
Image: Jessica Lauren Cakes


Floral Creations
Bright and bold florals are very fashionable with wedding cakes right now - especially climbing flowers with lots of foliage.
Floral Wedding Cake
Image: Rosalind Miller Cakes


Lace Wedding Cake
Lace wedding cakes have been very popular for many years now as brides look for a wedding cake that matches their dress with an elegant and vintage feel to it.
Lace Wedding Cake
Image: Weddingomania


Succulents As Decorations
And upcoming trend for spring weddings is succulents on wedding cakes as couples look at getting in touch with nature for their wedding. These flowers look gorgeous when tied together with flowers such as peonies or roses.
Succulent Wedding Cake
Image: Sugar Mill Cakes

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