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Working The Disney Kids Party Theme: Where To Splurge & Where To Save

So you picked your kid up from their best friend’s birthday party and it looked like a scene from Billy Maddison. It was a bit… over the top. However the kids had a great time and not being the most fiscally savvy, they don’t see why they can’t have the same. So here’s a guide on where you can splurge and where you can save when planning a Disney themed kids party. 


Disney Party Decorations 

Image: Pretty My Party

Splurge: If you can think of a product, Disney has most likely produced a version. However the licensing to make these products often drives up the price. The benefits of buying prepared merchandise is that it really adds to the aesthetic of the party and is time saving as there is little assembly required. Party hire companies can build on this with props to take the theme to the next level.  

Save: Trade official merchandise plates, cutlery and serviettes for a colour scheme. For example, Finding Nemo printed plates can be replaced by blue and orange, Frozen prints replaced with blue and white. The same rule applies to balloons and streamers don’t be afraid to use these creatively by drawing characters on balloons or hanging pictures of characters or scenes from the streamers.



Disney Party Invitations 

Image: Etsy.com

Splurge: Disney-specific invitations are widely available and save time. They also make sure that you remember to include all the information you need with designated spaces for each.  Another option is to design personalised invitations and get them professionally printed.  

Save: As with the decorations utilise a colour scheme and make your own. Mount your invitation (typing it up and printing multiple copies will save time and your hand from aching) on coloured cardboard backing. If you feel like being fancy you can create multiple layers using different colours and cut borders around the edges of each. There are also a huge range of templates available online that you can use. 



Disney Birthday Party Food 

Image: Capturing Joy

Splurge: Hired catering is a great way to help reduce your stress levels on party day. Additionally they have a wide range of food options and this is especially important when dealing with children’s fussy eating habits and allergies. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about your theme and see what they can do, small things such as changing the name of a dish can go a long way to completing the party experience.
Save: As mentioned above kids can be very fussy when it comes to food so simple is always best. Check out the freezer aisle at your local supermarket for specials on oven ready foods, this will save you time and effort on the day. Try presenting regular foods in slightly different ways, use cookie cutters to make everything from sandwiches to fruit become part of your theme. Again the internet comes to the rescue with a range of tutorials to up your Disney kitchen game.  



Disney Princess Jumping Castle

Image: EventMojo

Splurge: An entertainment centrepiece such as a jumping castle or rock climbing wall is a fantastic way to entertain the kids, while also encouraging physical activity. Such is the commercial power of Disney, it’s very easy to source a specific Disney themed jumping castle. Another source of entertainment comes in the form of a character entertainer. Kids will be delighted that the character they love has come to the party and this can give you a break from supervision and Gives you a break. You also only need for them an hour or two and you can further mix up things up with games of your own before handing over to the character.  

Save: The traditional party games are the way to go and it’s very easy to put a ‘Disney Spin’ on them. Use Disney Characters for Celebrity heads or a Disney soundtrack for musical chairs. Costume hire stores usually return deposits and the bulk of your investment for prompt and undamaged return making it easy to become your own character entertainer. As the day goes on and the kids tire simply pop on the Disney movie for no fuss entertainment. 


Party Favours

Frozen Lolly Bags 

Image: Team Skelley

Splurge: Set up a lolly buffet in open dishes that allow the kids to make their own lolly bags. Send them home with a photo from the day, either already printed or on a cd. Create unique gifts beforehand such as a personalised frame or buy a small themed gift such as a Disney bubble kit or water bottle.

Save: No kid should leave empty handed. For lolly bags buy lollies in bulk and look out for sales and build up your stockpile. It is important to keep tabs on what you do and don’t have to avoid overbuying on certain items. A unique idea is to make cupcakes or decorated cookies for the kids to take home, this is made even easier as many box mixed cakes now come with themed decorations. Another idea is to have a craft activity set up, for example where the kids can colour in a character or make a bookmark, that they can take home. Personalise these by writing what the occasion was on the top with a message such as: Charlotte’s 5th Birthday. Thanks for helping to celebrate her special day.

It is important to remember that while it is natural to want everything to be absolutely perfect for your kid a birthday party should not be totally stressful! Make sure you take time out to enjoy the experience with your kid. Chances are they won’t remember every aspect of the day as they grow up but what they will remember is the good time they had.  


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