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Show up in Style: Your Guide To Finding The Right School Formal Car

Written by Jess Marsden. 21 July 2015. Category: School Formals
Show up in Style: Your Guide To Finding The Right School Formal Car

School Formal. The light at the end of a stressful, homework filled tunnel. You’ve thought about your outfit, after party and where to take the best photos, but have you thought about getting there? There are a tonne of transport options and EventMojo is here to guarantee you arrive in style! Before looking at the cars here are some tips to keep in mind. 

9 Kick-Ass Venues In Sydney For Your School Formal

Written by Isha Bassi. 11 May 2015. Category: School Formals
10 Kick-Ass Venues In Sydney For Your School Formal

Venues, venues, venues. They’re a dime a dozen in Sydney and somehow it’s still difficult to find the perfect venue for your school formal. To help, we’ve scoured the net and have compiled a list of our favourite venues that showcase the best of Sydney’s scenic surroundings. Whether that be the harbour, the city skyline, or some lush gardens, all the venues listed feature stunning views unique to their location, presenting the perfect backdrop to any celebration.

9 Best School Formal Venues in Sydney

Written by Sanjay Sundarjee. 2 December 2014. Category: School Formals
9 Best School Formal Venues in Sydney

Here are our favourite ten truly kick-ass venues to celebrate the end of your high school years. 

1. Crystal Palace, Luna Park
One of Sydney's most iconic landmarks, at Luna Park you can enjoy views of Sydney Harbour and have great fun playing games and rides at the theme park. 

Getting To Know: Jacob Lawrence from Lawrence Photography

Written by Sanjay Sundarjee. 24 November 2014. Category: 18th & 21st Birthday, School Formals, Getting To Know
EventMojo Getting To Know - Jacob from Lawrence Photography

Jacob Lawrence from Lawrence Photography tells EventMojo’s Sanjay Sundarjee about how he got into photography, having fun with photos and being in the creative zone.

Tell us, how you got into photography?
I started photography when I was at the end of Year 10 actually - my dad had just bought me a camera for Christmas. I’d always been interested in it through him. He used to do photography in the late 70s and 80s and I shared that interest with him.

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