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4 Fun Ideas for Celebrating the End of Financial Year in Sydney

Written by Sanjay Sundarjee. 30 May 2014. Category: Business Events, Special Events
4 Fun Ideas for Celebrating the End of Financial Year in Sydney

So you’ve been quite busy over the last few months and have just realised that you haven’t yet organised anything to celebrate the end of financial year! 

To makes things easier for you, EventMojo have done some research and have got a few awesome ideas to help you plan a great event.

How To Have A Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

Written by Charmaine Wong. 16 May 2014. Category: Weddings
How To Have A Wedding Without Breaking The Bank

An average wedding costs about $54,000 according to Bride to Be magazine’s Cost of Love Survey meaning that one of the happiest days of your life could also be one of the most expensive. 

But there are ways to reduce the cost of your wedding to start off your new life debt free.

EventMojo Party Planning Checklist

Written by Sanjay Sundarjee. 4 May 2014. Category: Special Events
EventMojo Party Planning Guide

So you’ve got an event coming up and you don’t know where to start? Here is EventMojo’s go to guide on what to expect and eliminate the stress in party planning!

Our guide is split up into what you need to do at different time points before your event - 2 months before, 1 month before, 3 weeks before, 2 weeks before, 1 week before, 3 days before and 1 day before. We’ve made sure to cover everything from invitations, venues, food & drinks, music and anything else in between. 

Organising The Perfect Mother's Day In Sydney

Written by Sanjay Sundarjee. 1 May 2014. Category: Special Events

Have you mastered the art of scone making? Figured out how to poach an egg? Time to get onto it… Mother’s Day is only 10 days away!

To make it easy for you to organise the perfect day for your dearest mother, EventMojo have done the research for you.

Wedding Woes And Planning Foes!

Written by Tiffany Hoang. 30 April 2014. Category: Weddings

Getting married is one of life’s most significant milestones, and for many it is also one of the most stressful. 

Planning a wedding can be tough not to mention time consuming and costly. The hours spent pouring over the right venue, the right flowers, or the right cake and not to mention the right dress is enough to make any bride to be tear her hair out! The list simply goes on…

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